Giants Players Ditching Cars for Scooters

Traffic in the Bay Area is horrendous, which is causing many of the San Francisco Giants players to opt for a different way to get to work.

Former Giants closer, Brian Wilson, casually mentioned to Joe Day, the team chef, that he was looking for a better way to drive to work. Day just happens to build custom scooters and offered to build Wilson a scooter for commuting to the field every day.

The idea caught on and soon, nearly half the team was taking a scooter to work. A chef by trade, Day, 28, works well with his hands and can offer about as many modifications to his custom scooters as he does ingredients in his cuisine.

Players can be seen arriving at the park on their scooters, with LF Hunter Pence receiving the most fan-fare. Pence ordered two scooters from Day, as did 1B Brandon Belt.  Star pitcher Madison Bumgarner even ordered a couple. While not as flashy as foreign sports car, the scooters come with an attractive price tag at just over $2,000 a piece.

While Day’s skills in the kitchen and the garage are the exclusive rights of the San Francisco Giants, the hybrid chef/mechanic said that he has received enough interest from the scooters to venture out into the marketplace, and as long as the Giants keep winning, the attention will be there for him.

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