Best Starting Pitchers Under Age 26

MLB’s Best Starting Pitchers under Age 26

Best Starting Pitchers Under Age 26Pitching takes poise, confidence, and savvy, not exactly something that youngsters have in droves, but believe me, there is a crop of young starting pitchers out there that will blow you away – literally. These young pitchers possess fresh arms, explosive stuff, and enough creativity to keep even the most veteran hitters off balance. Some names on the list have been around for a while, in fact, they have been around long enough to be dubbed royalty. King Felix has been lighting up Seattle for years and took home the Cy Young last season. Ladies & Gentlemen, he is 24 years old. Other names on the list we know because they were built up all year long. We waited patiently for Stephen Strasburg to make his debut, and when he did, it was electric. He fanned 92 batters in 68 innings. I mean, that’s just ridiculous.

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My pick for best starting pitcher aged 25 and under, however, should come as no surprise. This kid is young, has talent for days, and the poise of a 10 year vet. What’s scariest of all, is that he has room for improvement. Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners is my pick for best young starting pitcher. I know, I know. Strasburg topped your personal list and that’s ok. Here’s why I don’t think he is the best (good, but not the best). Stephen is already seeing signs of wear and tear on his arm. He has a limited resume (only 68 innings) and it will be interesting to see if he can keep it up for an entire year. Basically, I’m doubting his body of work and until he throws more than 150 innings in a year I won’t be so quick to crown him king. Obviously David Price is another popular choice for best young starting pitcher, but his strikeout numbers a little light compared to others on this list. He is a close second, but not quite able to match what Felix has done consistently for 3+years.

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2010 Stats for Starting Pitchers Under Age 26

Player Team Age GS IP ER SO W L WHIP ERA
Felix Hernandez SEA 24 34 249.2 63 232 13 12 1.06 2.27
David Price TB 25 31 208.2 63 188 19 6 1.19 2.72
Clayton Kershaw LAD 22 32 204.1 66 212 13 10 1.18 2.91
Stephen Strasburg WSH 22 12 68 22 92 5 3 1.07 2.91
Mat Latos SD 23 31 184.2 60 189 14 10 1.08 2.92
Trevor Cahill OAK 22 30 196.2 65 118 18 8 1.11 2.97


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