Best Second Basemen Under Age 26

MLB’s Best Second Basemen under Age 26

Best Second Basemen Under Age 26The middle infield is where we tend to see a lot of young talent although second base might be the exception this year. Teams usually balance out one young middle infielder with a seasoned vet as their double play combo which means that the number of qualifying second basemen in the Majors last year was slim pickings. There are a couple players on this list who have a real shot to do something great if given the chance.

Neil Walker of the Pittsburgh Pirates probably had the best 2010 season of any second basemen under age 25. I am not sure if it is enough for the Pirates to build on, but at least they can say that they have a player under age 25 who had an OPS higher than .800. He didn’t score too many runs (57), but that is more a product of the Pirates being the Pirates than anything else. He got on base at a healthy clip for a youngster (.349) and showed some good power from a typically weak position (12 Homers). He is not All-Star material just yet, but he has as much potential as any second baseman on this list.
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2010 Stats for Second Basemen Under Age 26

Neil Walker PIT 25 426 57 126 12 66 2 0.296 0.349 0.462 0.811
Blake DeWitt CHC/LAD 25 440 47 115 5 52 3 0.261 0.336 0.373 0.709
Sean Rodriguez TB 25 343 53 86 9 40 13 0.251 0.308 0.397 0.705


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