Best Third Basemen Under Age 26

MLB’s Best Third Basemen Under Age 25

Best Third Basemen Under Age 26Our list of top, young third basemen already contains some household names, which is in stark contrast to other positions on our list. The sampling of third basemen under the age of 25 is small, yet distinguished and when we get down to brass tax, there are only two names on the list. The hot corner generally lends itself to experienced veterans, although in this case, two of the game’s brightest stars call it home.

If you haven’t been able to guess who tops this list by now, you probably need to brush up on your baseball. Evan Longoria is hands down the best third baseman under the age of 25. Hell, if you took away the age restriction, he would probably still be at the top of this list, he’s that good. Since he’s been around for a few years, we tend to forget that he is so young, but he will start and end the regular season at the age of 25. The other name on this list might be better known by his nickname. Kung Fu Panda, or Pablo Sandoval had a sophomore slump in 2010, but he still slugged better than .400 and drove in 63. However, we won’t get too far comparing his numbers to Longoria’s. I will let the stats below do the rest of my talking.
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2010 Stats for Third Basemen Under Age 26

Evan Longoria TB 25 574 96 169 22 104 15 0.294 0.372 0.507 0.879
Pablo Sandoval SF 24 563 61 151 13 63 3 0.268 0.323 0.409 0.732


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