MLB's Hottest Young Stars

The Best MLB Players under Age 26

MLB's Hottest Young StarsBaseball is a timeless game and pros often see careers stretching into their 40’s. We want to look ahead to the future. We want to see which names will be donning the back of our baseball jerseys for years to come. We want to know the players around which dynasties can be built. We want to watch young stars as they evolve and begin to burn their brightest. We want to learn which of today’s young standouts will be tomorrow’s Hall Of Famers.

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Baseball is a game of numbers. We keep track of RBI’s, Home Runs, Steals and Saves. These numbers define a career, and when a player reaches retirement, analysts debate over whether their “numbers” were good enough to warrant a ticket to the Hall of Fame. There are magic numbers that resonate with fans young and old. But the number we will be analyzing today is 25. It’s more of a marker, really, as we attempt to find the best players at every position aged 25 or younger.

The criterion is simple. If you are aged 25 or younger, you are eligible for our list. No matter if you came into Major League Baseball at 18 and are a seasoned vet, or if you just finished your rookie campaign and are looking to build upon a solid first year. Some positions might lend themselves to more youthful talent, other positions might only see a handful of youthful stars waiting to take over as household names.

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Did your team’s young star make our list? Read on to find out.

Best Starting Pitchers 25 and Under

Best Catchers 25 and Under

Best First Basemen 25 and Under

Best Second Basemen 25 and Under

Best Third Basemen 25 and Under

Best Shortstops 25 and Under

Best Outfielders 25 and Under

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