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Week 5

Apparently the idea of an All Sports Talk curse is growing.  A comment before the season about the White Sox taking the AL Central has backfired into the Sox filling the division cellar and even getting no-no’d last night.  And then last week, I say that the Tigers will bulldoze their way through their slate of upcoming games and before you know it, they have lost seven in a row.  I am currently holding out for the highest bidder to ask me to write a positive post about a division rival – just to see them come tumbling down the following week.

So bandwagon fans, I apologize for screwing you guys up last week.  The Tigers didn’t meet our expectations, the Indians swept their way through the week (probably should have gone with them instead), the Cubs played terribly (but we warned you), and the Astros actually did better than expected. If you give us another chance, we promise to get things right this week. So away we go.

Good Team + Easy Upcoming Schedule = No Brainer

  • Philadelphia Phillies – The Phillies are leading the NL East right now and their schedule calls for back to back series against middle of the road teams in the Nats and Braves.  Not convinced that the Phils will go 6-0 this week, but anything less than 4-2 would be a disappointment.  The Phillies can make a good team look average and an average team look terrible.

Decent Record + Tough Schedule = Low Confidence

  • St. Louis Cardinals – The Cards are leading the NL Central, but not necessarily in dominating fashion.  Their schedule this week features the Marlins and Brewers who present some pretty tough competition.  The Fish are just as hot as any team out there right now and the Brewers will be playing for a bit extra in their NL Central division matchup over the weekend.  The Cardinals seem to be finally putting it all back together, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in them this week. 3-3 would be my prediction.

Marginal Team + Fairly Easy Schedule = Root at Your Own Risk

  • White Sox – This week, the other Chicago team is in the “Root at your own risk” slot.  Sure they have a horrendous record, sure they got no-hit last night. But the White Sox have a chance to actually turn things around this week.  Another game against Minnesota and then a weekend series against the Mariners could be just what the doctor ordered.  On the other hand, a poor showing this week could have the White Sox losing any ounce of confidence they once had.  My prediction of 3-3 isn’t exactly cause for excitement in the CHI.

Bad Team + Tough Schedule = Avoid Like the Plague

  • Baltimore Orioles – This team might have had some fooled early on in the year when they were leading the AL East, but nobody is falling for that now as the O’s once again find themselves below .500.  Playing a pair of teams with a winning record isn’t going to help much either as they must face the Royals and the Rays.  I actually see them going 2-4 this week which should put them DFL in the division.  A few weeks to go from first to worst – sad.

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