2016 MLB Playoff Picture

2016 World Series

Chicago Cubs (4) vs. Cleveland Indians (3)

2016 American League Championship Series (ALCS)

Toronto Blue Jays (1) vs. Cleveland Indians (4)

2016 National League Championship Series (NLCS)

Los Angeles Dodgers (2) vs. Chicago Cubs (4)

2016 American League Division Series (ALDS)

Toronto Blue Jays (3) vs. Texas Rangers (0)

Boston Red Sox (0) vs. Cleveland Indians (3)

2016 National League Division Series (NLDS)

San Francisco Giants (1) vs. Chicago Cubs (3)

Los Angeles Dodgers (3) vs. Washington Nationals (2)

2016 American League Wildcard Game

Baltimore Orioles (89-73) at Toronto Blue Jays (89-73)

Tuesday October 4, 2016 | Game Recap

2016 National League Wildcard Game

San Francisco Giants (87-75) at New York Mets (87-75)

Wednesday October 5, 2016 | Game Recap

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