2011 MLB Trade Updates

This list will be updated regularly as new trades take place in Major League Baseball. We will keep you posted on any confirmed MLB trades and give you instant analysis on which team stands to gain the most from the deal.

This List of 2011 MLB Trades was last updated on 8/1/2011 at 7:30 AM (PST)  *There were a lot of trades since I last updated, so many of the trades just have the details. Analysis for all of the trades made before the deadline will be coming throughout the day.

Boston Red SoxLos Angeles Dodgers Trade (July 31, 2011)

Trade Details: Boston Red Sox acquired OF Trayvon Robinson and OF Chih-Hsien Chiang from the L.A. Dodgers for C Tim Federowicz, RHP Juan Rodriguez and RHP Stephen Fife.

Boston Red Sox – Seattle Mariners Trade (July 31, 2011)

Trade Details: Boston Red Sox acquired LHP Erik Bedard and RHP Josh Fields from Seattle for OF Trayvon Robinson and OF Chih-Hsien Chiang.

Houston AstrosAtlanta Braves Trade (July 31, 2011)

Trade Details: Houston Astros traded OF Michael Bourn and cash to Atlanta for OF Jordan Schafer, RHP Juan Abreu, RHP Paul Clemens and LHP Brett Oberholtzer.

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Los Angeles Dodgers – St. Louis Cardinals Trade (July 31, 2011)

Trade Details: Los Angeles Dodgers traded SS Rafael Furcal and cash considerations to St. Louis for OF Alex Castellanos.

Oakland AthleticsArizona Diamondbacks Trade (July 31, 2011)

Trade Details: Oakland A’s traded RHP Brad Ziegler to Arizona for INF Brandon Allen and LHP Jordan Norberto.

San Diego PadresPittsburgh Pirates Trade (July 31, 2011)

Trade Details: San Diego Padres traded OF Ryan Ludwick to Pittsburgh for a player to be named or cash considerations.

San Diego Padres – Texas Rangers Trade (July 31, 2011)

Trade Details: San Diego Padres traded RHP Mike Adams to Texas for LHP Robbie Erlin and RHP Joe Wieland.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Washington Nationals Trade (July 30, 2011)

Trade Details: Arizona Diamondbacks acquired RHP Jason Marquis from the Washington Nationals INF Zachary Walters.

Baltimore Orioles – Pittsburgh Pirates Trade (July 30, 2011)

Trade Details: Baltimore Orioles acquired 1B Aaron Baker from the Pittsburgh Pirates for 1B Derrek Lee.

Cleveland IndiansSan Francisco Giants Trade (July 30, 2011)

Trade Details: Cleveland Indians traded INF Orlando Cabrera to the San Francisco Giants for OF Thomas Neal.

Colorado Rockies – Cleveland Indians Trade (July 30, 2011)

Trade Details: Colorado Rockies acquired RHP Alex White, RHP Joseph Gardner, UT Matt McBride and a player to be named later from the Cleveland Indians for RHP Ubaldo Jimenez.

This is the move that wins the AL Central for the Indians.  Other teams in that division made trades to get better, but nobody did it quite the way that the Indians did.  Despite having a down year, compared to 2010, Ubaldo is an insanely dominant pitcher, and should have a pretty good advantage by switching leagues (the batter’s won’t be as familiar with him).  He also goes to a much more pitcher-friendly ballpark than what he was used to in Denver.  It was clear that the Indians weren’t going to let their playoff chances slip away when they made the deal to acquire Ubaldo Jiminez.

In return for Ubaldo, the Rockies pick up Alex White, a starter who has had just a handful of appearances this year and has performed decently, a minor league utility player, and a minor league pitcher.  The Rockies, who have seen their chances in the NL West all but disappear, are making moves towards the future.  Only time will tell how well the Rockies will benefit from the trade, but in the here and now, the Cleveland Indians made a statement by being aggressive at the 2011 MLB trade deadline.

Kansas City Royals – Boston Red Sox Trade (July 30, 2011)

Trade Details: Kansas City Royals acquired INF Yamaico Navarro and RHP Kendal Volz from Boston for INF Mike Aviles.

This is a trade that is fairly insignificant, at least in terms of this season.  The Red Sox have one of the best records in the majors right now and while they might not need much help, this trade helps them just a bit.  The Red Sox give up Yamaico Navarro who has batted .177 in less than 100 at bats, and a minor leaguer, for a guy who has hit .286 over the past 4 years –  a definite improvement compared to what they gave up.  I’m not saying that this trade makes the Red Sox World Series favorites this year (there was a decent chance of that happening already), but it definitely bolsters up their lineup and will give Terry Francona more options each night.  Red Sox definite winners in their trade with the KC Royals.

Milwaukee Brewers – Washington Nationals Trade (July 30, 2011)

Trade Details: Milwaukee Brewers acquired INF-OF Jerry Hairston Jr. from Washington for OF Erik Komatsu.

In regards to the Milwaukee Brewers, this is a pretty typical trade for a team who is looking to add some depth come playoff time.  We know that they need help in the infield and Jerry Hairston is someone who can help and perhaps provide a little leadership as well. Hairston is solid defensively and isn’t as much of a liability at the plate as some other potential pickups, making him a pretty good fit for the Brewers.  With the NL Central flip-flopping as much as it has in the past month, if you didn’t make a move to improve, you were going to be left in the dust and that’s exactly what the Brewers were able to do.

All they had to give up was an outfield prospect to get him too, which always makes trades more attractive.  I am impressed by the Brewers during the 2011 trade season.  Their deadline deals have really improved their team, and they haven’t had to sacrifice much of their future in order to get it.

Texas Rangers – Baltimore Orioles Trade (July 30, 2011)

Trade Details: Texas Rangers acquired RHP Koji Uehara and cash from the Baltimore Orioles for RHP Tommy Hunter and INF Chris Davis.

The Texas Rangers needed pitching help and they knew exactly where to get it.  The Baltimore Orioles are another team that was making trades like it was going out of style and post-season contenders basically had the Orioles entire roster to choose from as long as the price was right. Uehara has been phenomenal out of the bullpen this year, posting an ERA under 1.5 through 47 innings this year.  He will be a big boost to the Rangers bullpen as they look to put some distance between themselves and the rest of the AL West.

In return, the Orioles get a couple of players, neither of which are overly impressive but enough to make the trade worth it for them as well.  Chris Davis is an infielder who is a career .250 hitter and showed decent power a few years ago before an injury shortened 2010.  He should see some decent time this year, especially in the absence of Brian Roberts – not a bad pickup for the O’s.  RHP Tommy Hunter is also having an OK year.  He has posted a respectable ERA out of the bullpen this year, after spending much of his career as a starter.  He’s a young talent with room for improvement, but has shown really positive signs this year in his new role.  The immediate winner in this trade would be the Rangers, as they got help in the ‘pen where they needed it. But 2 years down the road, this trade could be pretty favorable for the Orioles.

Philadelphia Phillies – Houston Astros Trade (July 29, 2011)

Trade Details: Philadelphia Phillies acquired OF Hunter Pence and cash from the Houston Astros for 1B Jonathan Singleton, RHP Jarred Cosart, RHP Josh Zeid and a player to be named later.

It took the Phillies a while, but they finally made a trade that will be crucial to their championship run.  If the Phillies had any weaknesses, it was in the outfield and at the top of their lineup.  Pence solves both of those problems with solid defensive play and a .355 OBP to boot.  He should be an instant boost for this anemic offense that has been constantly bailed out by the pitching staff this year.

It is unclear why the Astros decided to have a fire sale, but they gave up a proven MLB talent for a few prospects with little to no experience at the Major League level.  There is no doubt who came out on top in this trade.  The Phillies may very well have locked up the NL East with this 2011 deadline deal, if not the entire NL Pennant.

Cleveland Indians – Chicago Cubs Trade (July 28, 2011)

Trade Details: Cubs traded OF Kosuke Fukudome to Cleveland for RHP Carlton Smith and OF Abner Abreu

Yet another trade involving some prospects comes out of the North side of Chicago this afternoon.  The Cubs traded away Fukudome to the Indians in exchange for  pitching and outfield prospects.  It appears that the Indians are serious about making a playoff push by picking up the left fielder from the Cubs, and he should be able to provide some instant help to the Indians whose offense has struggled of late.  As their lead dwindled and eventually disappeared, it was clear that the Indians needed to make some changes, just didn’t see this specific deal going down.  I think both the Indians and Cubs benefit from this trade, Indians in the short term, Cubs in the long run.

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New York Mets – San Francisco Giants Trade (July 28, 2011)

Trade Details: New York Mets traded OF Carlos Beltran to San Francisco for RHP Zack Wheeler.

We all knew this trade was coming, but it was only a matter of time before it went through.  I have to admit that it was a bit anti-climactic as all the Mets got in return was a highly touted, single A pitcher.  No doubt, Wheeler has the potential to be a big time pitcher for the Mets in a couple years, but the Giants get the immediate impact of a proven star.  For an offense that has struggled like the Giants have, Beltran is seen as an immediate savior, but I wouldn’t be so hasty to give him that title just yet.  Very few teams that struggle like the Giants do offensively can have their situation remedied by just one player.  This no doubt puts the Giants as far and away favorites to win the NL West, but I’m still not certain if it will get them out of the first round of the playoffs.  Instant analysis of the Beltran trade heavily favors the Giants still – mainly because they get a proven product in exchange for a prospect.

Milwaukee Brewers – Atlanta Braves Trade (July 27, 2011)

Trade Details: Milwaukee Brewers traded C Wil Nieves to Atlanta for cash.

This is one of the more interesting trades I’ve seen all year, mainly because both of the teams involved are contending for playoff spots.  It was clear that when Brian McCann went down the other day with an injury, the Braves were going to need at least a temporary replacement at catcher. I just didn’t think that the Brewers would be the team to help them out.  The exact cash amount of the deal is unknown at this time, but perhaps it was enough money for the Brewers to make a serious attempt at another big name.  They will need all the help they can get to win the NL Central so expect the Brewers to be involved in at least one more deal before the 2011 MLB trade deadline ends.  As for the Braves, they get a little help at catcher for the time when Brian McCann is on the DL, and are looking to maintain their wildcard lead.  If the Brewers don’t win the NL Central and the Braves win the wildcard, lots of fans in Milwaukee will be questioning this trade – if they aren’t already.

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Chicago White SoxToronto Blue Jays – St. Louis Cardinals Trade (July 27, 2011)

Trade Details: Toronto Blue Jays Traded RHP Jason Frasor and RHP Zach Stewart to the Chicago White Sox for RHP Edwin Jackson and INF Mark Teahen. Traded Jackson, RHP Octavio Dotel, LHP Marc Rzepczynski, OF Corey Patterson and three players to be named or cash to St. Louis for OF Colby Rasmus, LHP Brian Tallet, LHP Trever Miller and RHP P.J. Walters.

This is our first three way trade of the 2011 season and it’s a doozie.  If the trade details above are making things difficult, I will try to smooth it all out for you.

  • Chicago White Sox Get: Jason Frasor, Zach Stewart
  • Chicago White Sox Give Up: Edwin Jackson, Mark Teahen
  • Toronto Blue Jays Get: Mark Teahen, Colby Rasmus, Brian Tallet, Trever Miller, P.J. Walters
  • Toronto Blue Jays Give Up: Jason Frasor, Zach Stewart, Edwin Jackson (from White Sox), Octavio Dotel, Corey Patterson, three players to be named later or cash
  • St. Louis Cardinals Get: Edwin Jackson (from White Sox), Octavio Dotel, Corey Patterson, three players to be named later or cash
  • St Louis Cardinals Give Up: Colby Rasmus, Brian Tallet, Trever Miller, P.J. Walters

At first glance, this trade greatly benefits the St. Louis Cardinals as they get a decent starting pitcher and some bullpen help as they try to make a push and win the NL Central.  The White Sox  get some bullpen help in Jason Frasor, but a bit of a downgrade with Zach Stewart. Still, they were able to improve their team overall and perhaps make a push at the AL Central.  The Blue Jays, who are pretty much out of any race, got the prospect of cash (always nice) or a few minor league players to help build the future, in addition to Colby Rasmus and a few pitchers.  If I had to give letter grades to each of the teams involved, it would go Cardinals: B; Blue Jays: B; White Sox: C.

Cincinnati Reds – Washington Nationals Trade (July 26, 2011)

Trade Details: Cincinnati Reds traded OF Jonny Gomes and cash considerations to the Washington Nationals for OF Bill Rhinehart and LHP Chris Manno

As the Reds fell further and further out of the NL Central race, they decided that it was time to shake things up and perhaps look to the future.  On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Reds traded away Johnny Gomes to the Washington Nationals for a pair of prospects (OF Bill Rhinehart and LHP Chris Manno).  The trade is a sign that the Reds are looking to groom some minor league talent in preparation for the future, since neither Rhinehart nor Manno have seen any time in the Majors.  Gomes got his start in Tampa Bay, but was traded to the Reds in 2009 after a subpar year.  He had turned things around for a bit in Cincinnati, before slumping again, leading to Gomes’ trade to the Nationals.  With both teams struggling a bit this year, it would seem that the Reds came out winners in this trade.  Gomes will likely platoon in LF with Ankiel and Nix which gives him very little value at this point.  There is potential with the minor leaguers that the Reds acquired, however. Manno has shown dominance as a closer, albeit in single A, and Rhinehart is second in the Double A’s Eastern League in home runs and slugging %.

Texas Rangers – Baltimore Orioles Trade (July 19, 2011)

Trade Details: Texas Rangers traded LHP Zach Phillips to Baltimore for INF/OF Nick Green and cash considerations.

This is the first deadline trade of the 2011 MLB season that involves two tangible people which means we can instantly evaluate it to see who benefits the most.  The Texas Rangers gave up a minor league pitcher, who had no experience in the majors for Nick Green, a utility  man who’s been around since 2004.  This is a pretty by-the-book trade, considering the positions that both teams are currently in.  The Orioles are in last place, looking to build for the future, so the acquisition of a young talented arm makes sense.  The Rangers, on the other hand, are in first place and looking for experience as they head into the playoffs.  Nick Green is a pretty good fit, considering the fact that he plays multiple positions which is always useful when the rosters expand for the playoffs. His impact for the Rangers will most likely be limited, however, which makes me think that the Orioles might have won on this trade.

San Francisco Giants – Houston Astros Trade (July 19, 2011)

Trade Details: Houston Astros traded 2B Jeff Keppinger to San Francisco for RHP Henry Sosa and RHP Jason Stoffel.

This is a trade that seems to follow a standard procedure between teams that are in first place, trading with teams that are in last place. The Giants gave up minor league prospects Sosa and Stoffel to a team that had no shot this year and is rebuilding for the future.  The Astros give up Keppinger who was actually having a pretty productive year.  Keppinger was traded to the Giants with a batting average of over .300 and should immediately be productive. The move shores up the Giants lineup as they look to make a playoff push, and in light of Miguel Tejada’s most recent injury, Keppinger should play a pretty sizeable role as the season wears on.  Giants are immediate winners in this trade deal, but the Astros might have come away with some very good pitching for their future squad.

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New York Mets – Milwaukee Brewers Trade (July 12, 2011)

Trade Details: New York Mets traded RHP Francisco Rodriguez and cash to the Milwaukee Brewers for two players to be named.

This is the biggest trade so far prior to the 2011 MLB trade deadline.  A big name went to a contending team and will have an immediate impact.  The Brewers needed bullpen help and they got it in the form of Francisco Rodriguez aka K-Rod.  His off-field issues aside, K-Rod is one of the league’s better closers which really goes a long way towards making the Brewers the favorites to win the NL Central.  We don’t really know the full impact of the trade in terms of how it will affect the Mets. It will obviously depend on who they get in the trade, but I wouldn’t expect it to have any effect on this season – it will most likely be a move for the future.

Los Angeles Dodgers – Toronto Blue Jays Trade (July 12, 2011)

Trade Details: Toronto Blue Jays traded OF Juan Rivera to the L.A. Dodgers for a player to be named or cash considerations.

With neither team really going anywhere this year, the trade between the Blue Jays and the Dodgers involving Juan Rivera wasn’t met with much fanfare.  Juan Rivera is an above average outfielder who essentially took the spot of Marcus Thames on the Dodger roster.  Rivera isn’t as good as Tony Gwynn Jr, who he would be sharing time with, so odds are that he will be used mainly as a pinch hitter.  The trade is a good sign for Dodger fans, however, because it indicates that even though the ownership is in a state of flux, Major League Baseball is still allowing them to make deals, albeit, a small one for now. Overall, I think that the Dodgers came out on top as they now have more flexibility in their outfield.

Boston Red Sox – Florida Marlins Trade (July 5, 2011)

Trade Details: Boston Red Sox traded OF Mike Cameron and cash to Florida Marlins for a player to be named or cash considerations.

This was a pretty under-the-radar trade between the Red Sox and the Marlins early in July, but it officially kicked off the 2011 MLB Trade Deadline season.  While it might seem like a ho-hum type of transaction, it could potentially be a strategic move by the Sox to clear some salary space to go after another player.  The Marlins don’t get much out of other than a solid defensive outfielder who seems to be over the hill offensively.  The trade between the Boston Red Sox and the Florida Marlins probably benefited the Sox a bit more, since they got some salary off their books and cleared space to potentially make another move.


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