2010 MLB Playoff Race Update

I made my predictions for both the 2010 American League Playoff Race and the 2010 National League Playoff Race earlier in the month. Now that August is just about in the books, let’s see how my predictions are holding up. I will not be changing my picks or predictions, but I am kind of curious to see how my picks are faring.

American League

All Sports Talk’s Picks

  • AL East – Yankees
  • AL Central – Twins
  • AL West – Rangers
  • AL Wildcard – Rays

Current State of the American League

The Twins and Rangers have either grown or maintained their leads since my predictions were first made which has me feeling pretty good. The White Sox have all but imploded in the AL Central, and they aren’t holding any ground in the wildcard race either. The Rays are just a half game behind the Yankees in the American League East, and also hold a 5.5 game lead over Boston for the wildcard. If the season ended today, I would have perfectly predicted the American League Playoff Picture. I won’t get that big of an ego though, since my post only went up about two weeks ago which isn’t really enough time for things to change (other than the White Sox going under).

National League

All Sports Talk’s Picks

  • NL East – Braves
  • NL Central – Reds
  • NL West – Padres
  • NL Wildcard – Cardinals

Current State of the National League

The Reds and Padres sit comfortably atop their divisions with 5 game leads. The Braves, on the other hand, cling to a 2 game lead over the Phillies who seem to be surging of late. Those Phillies now control the National League Wildcard, with my pick, the St. Louis Cardinals, sitting 3 games behind them. The way the rest of the National League Central and West have been playing lately, I feel pretty comfortable with the Reds and Padres holding onto those leads. The Braves will have to put in work in order to maintain their slim lead, and with +/- 30 games left, anything truly can happen. Unless the Cardinals pull their head out of the ground, the rest of the NL will pass them by, including a suddenly resurgent Colorado Rockies team. If the season ended today, I would have accurately predicted 3/4 National League Playoff Spots, but again, not gonna get cocky because only 10 or so days have elapsed since those predictions were made.

See you all in a week when I again update you on the 2010 MLB Playoff Races for both the AL and NL.

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